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Founder of Page Telegram,
Jason Page

Hire Page Telegram to type your poems for loved ones; letters to your public officials; gratitude letters either verbatim or request us to use our creative liberties to convey your sentiment or message. Documents may be typeset by the use of an Electric Typewriter or in a line numbered electronic Postscript Document Format (PDF) file. We can also accept your documents as is for our various delivery services.

We also have experience writing and following up on FOIA requests.

Hand typed may be seen as a sentimental act of expressioning your love. Carbon copy is also available during the document's creation.

We also offer delivery options of all forms of our written documents on your behalf in the immediate Chicago area.

Providing notary services. The founder of Page Telegram travels to you anywhere in the immediate Edgewater Chicago area. Page Telegram will only notarize document brought in. We cannot notarize anything we develop for you under creative services.

Ghost writing services are available if within a shared interest when inquired.
However our business merely focuses on creative and verbatim writing services as well as local to Chicago hand delivery.

All creative writing will have your initials along with document writers initials at the foot of the document with the Page Telegram stamp along the top right or left margin unless you require ghost writing services. Ghost writing service must be satisfied by meeting a mutual interest with Page Telegram Services personnel or its founder.

Price Chart: Letters to Public Officials, Gratitude, Poems and FOIA requests,
Typewritten: Verbatim/Creative
$20/$40 page.
Electronic:  Verbatim/Creative $15/$30 page.

Delivery (up to two attempts; left at door at second attempt or by request)
Hand Delivery Within Chicago: $30
Snail mail with red or gold color wax seal bearing the Page Telegram logo: $10 (without wax seal $5/secure tape)
Fax: (included)
Email: (Included)
Notary: $1 per signature plus $30 for travel (we cannot notarize any documents created through our writing services.)

Email us what you need faxed: 1-10 pages: $5, additional pages is 1-5 pages for $1/batch. Includes verification report sent back to you by email.

Can't find a fax number? Hire us to investigate to whom and where to fax your letter. Cost for investigation is just $20 that is paid once a successful fax number has been found.

Contact info:
jsp (at) pagetelegram.com (followup in 1-3 days)

[PGP] - Soon

Fax or email this [order form] to 202-207-3736 (hard fax) or jsp [at] pagetelegram.com (followup in 1-3 days)
Or just let us know your request by email.

Payments may be made conveniently by the Cash app using '$pagetelegram' or via paypal at paypal.me/drnothing

Additinal Service for Friends of Page Telegram folk only, Password Keep:

For those friends that can't keep track of all their account passwords!

Service for friends only. Request and fill fillout a PDF and send file hard fax or in person. Cost of password retention is $25/year.

Disclaimer: Page Telegram does not offer legal advice of any kind. If you are seeking a lawyer for advice in any kind of document preparations, you may begin your search [here] (see page 3 for services in Illinois)

Additional local services provided by Page Telegram at [Digital Handyman]
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