Price Each Digital Services: (Services offered on availability)
$25 base install + $2 per app install Revive your old laptop with Linux
$1.00 1st / 0.25ea Fax Send/Rec’v’d – Service includes verification report.
$0.50 1st / $0.15ea Copies/Prints – B/W Copies Printed or Document Printed from Computer.
$2.00 Letter mailed w/ wax sealed logo: stamped and mailed only
$2.00 1st / $0.50ea Photos / Slides / Film digitized / sanned
$1.00 1st / $0.10ea Loose Papers / Documents scanned to PDF file.
$25ea Photo restoriantion - torn/defective photo is scanned and a copy is produced and then digitally restored.
$10 / hr Transfer old VHS / VHS-C / DV/miniDV transfers.
$20 / hr Record to mp4 any TV program off the public air space.
$3ea file first 5 / $1ea Convert any media to another format (video/image/audio)
$0.15 / minute Add a still to any audio for easy video site upload (ie YouTube / Bitchute etc)
Other Services (PDF):