Band Genre Influencer
King Crimson Prog Rock Father
Emerson Lake and Palmer Prog Rock Mother
Peter Gabriel   Father
Rebel Diaz Hip Hop John
Dead Prez Hip Hop / Rap Ahern
Weval Electronic -Disco-  Prog Self
Depeche Mode   Self
Muse   Self
The Rennesiance   Mom
Gentle Giant Prog Rock Father
Pink Floyd Prog Rock Father/Maestro
Lamb   Self
Agnes Obel   Marla
Johnny Cash   Les
Jackson Browne   Les
Moby   Friend
Vangalis Electronic Prog Father
Perfect Circle   Self
Puscifer   Self
Woodkid   Self
Inch Inch Nails Industrial Self
Karl Schultz Electronic Self
Tangerine Dream Electronic Father
Massive Attack   Self
Forest Swords   Self
Rival Consoles   Self
Max Cooper   Self
Dead Can Dance   Dennis
Sigar Ros   Cousin Margaret
Mazzy Star   Dennis
M83   Self
Fever Ray Trance Prog Rock Marla
David Bowie   Father
Porcupine Tree Prog Rock Dank
French 79   Self
Fiona Apple   Marla
Tori Amos   Marla
Portishead   Wiktor
Mica Levi   Self
Poldoor   Eric
Jacky O & Mumi   Self
Thievery Corporation   Steve
Enigma   Marla
The Knife   Self
Atoms for Peace   Self
Radio Head   Father
UGO   Self
The Residents   Brian
Crumb   Self
Chip Taylor   Self
Kamasi Washington   Self
UNKLE   Self
Trentemoller   Self
Mononome   Self
Hugo Kant   Self
Yann Tiersen   Joe
Epicycle   Aunt Sarah
Boards of Canada   IRC Freenode (Private)
Frank Zappa   Father
Supertramp Rock Mom
It's a Beautiful Day Rock Mom
Incognito Soul/Jazz Self
Weather Report Jazz Father
Red Hot Chili Peppers   Mom / Father
The Residents   Dennis / Brian
Lamb   Self